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One of the most common types of electrical emergencies we assist with is a power cut, also known as power failures, blackouts or power outages.

Power cuts occur for various reasons, such as a downed power line, a storm, or possibly a shortage of energy in the grid. These Power cuts or outages are very inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous.

So, to protect yourself, your family and your valuables from the risks associated with an electrical power cut or outage, it’s important to understand how

  • How and why do they happen?
  • How to identify them?
  • What can you do to reduce their effects?
Power Cut - Dont get left in the dark. Call emergency electrician Stoke on Trent

After a power cut, turn off your main supply.

Before attempting to address an electrical emergency, it is essential to ensure you have switched off all affected appliances. Start by turning off the main power to all appliances powered by the circuit breaker.

Then, to ensure that all appliances are correctly protected, it is important to turn off the individual circuit breakers. Doing this will help prevent any possible danger during the electrical emergency and ensure that it is safe to continue with repairs.

Check your network operator.

When you experience a power cut in your home, you first need to check that the problem is not with your local power grid. Power cuts can be planned, unplanned or, on rare occasions, a necessity due to shortage.

For example, National Grid, the network operator for Stoke-on-Trent, may have planned a power cut for your area like Longton. A planned power cut would only occur once domestic and commercial users have received at least 48 hours’ notice beforehand.

If you need to find out who your power grid or network operator is, you can visit the website below or call on 105.

Visit: www.powercut105.com/en/

Call:  105

Always get an idea of when the restoration of power will take place. Knowing when the power will return will enable us to be prepared.

Damaged or faulty circuit breaker

If the power is out in your house but working in neighbouring houses, then the likely culprit is an issue with the breakers in your home. Power cuts could occur due to a tripped circuit breaker, which can happen when an outlet gets overloaded with too many appliances plugged into a single outlet or extension. Unplug the appliances causing the overload and redistribute them across multiple outlets to fix this.

Damaged or faulty wiring

If, after investigation, the power cut isn’t due to a circuit overload, it may be due to faulty wiring. So, to be sure, check the wiring for wear and tear. If that isn’t the problem, the voltage fluctuation may have caused the outage or a problem with the circuit breaker itself. To make sure, contact an emergency electrician to have the circuit breaker reset.

Always be prepared for a power cut.

Preparing in advance is always a good idea whenever a power cut occurs. Only some people will have a generator to help power the home to business until the power returns. However, a power outage emergency kit will help immensely in such situations. Emergency kits should contain the following:

  • A small battery-operated device such as a torch or lantern
  • Candles, lighter, and matches
  • Rechargeable power banks are essential to keeping mobiles, tablets, and laptops topped up.
  • Cash
  • Contact details of a 24-hour emergency electrician.

Contact an emergency electrician.

So, suppose you need help fixing a power cut due to internal wiring or circuit breakers. In that case, it is always advisable to call an electrician. They can safely diagnose and repair wiring issues and help prevent further damage.

Mir Electrical operate a 24-hour emergency electrical service for domestic and commercial users. If you are facing power cuts or the electric switches are tripping, we can help. Call our emergency electrician on 07500024112

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